Our Youth group is called The Link

Hope’s ‘The Link’ meets at someone’s house once a month on a Friday from 7:30pm till 9:30pm to hang out, share snacks, chat stuff through, study The Bible, pray together and generally have fun.

Once a month we also plan stuff such as cinema, bowling, trips and social events for which we invite our friends too.

Some of our youth are involved in singing with the worship team, helping with tech and various other things.
In other words, there is lots to get involved in!

My Story

When I was 14, I relocated to London from Zimbabwe. It was one of the most difficult times I’ve faced in my life mainly due to the cultural change. It resulted in me being isolated, a recluse and having no sense of belonging. I didn’t really find my footing until a girl who later became a close friend invited me to engage with the church’s youth group. There, I found; a sense of belonging; lifelong friends who I have journeyed with in different seasons of life; a place to be equipped to successfully navigate through life as a Christian and; a cool, inviting social environment to bring my friends from school/college/uni and share my love for Jesus.

Being part of that youth group has significantly contributed to my successful transition from teenage years into adulthood staying true to my values and beliefs. It’s this experience that infused a passion to work with kids, teenagers and youth.

I am passionate about facilitating an environment where teens can be introduced to Jesus mentored and coached in life skills to successfully navigate through teenage years and beyond. A setting where they can discover who they are in Christ their purpose and live life to the fullest without conforming to the status quo but celebrating the unique aspects of who they are. Simply being the best version of them.